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Carping Critics and the Microfinance Conundrum

Based on its recent impact assessment study of Cambodian microfinance, M-CRIL has written two advisory notes which examine the validity of some of the sensational international headlines and propose reform measures for the sector.


An Impact Assessment of Microfinance in Cambodia

This impact assessment aims to understand the success and overall impact of the microfinance sector since the start-up of the microfinance program in Cambodia up to today.


Improving Financial Health in Cambodia's Garment Sector Through Responsible Wage Digitalization: Benefits for Women and Business

This report sets out the results from supporting 17 garment factories in Cambodia with over 25,000 workers, 85 percent women, with wage digitalization, and enabling workers to access, use and benefit from their accounts.


Land Titling and Microcredit in Cambodia

This paper explores the neoliberal-oriented theory of change based on the possession and use of private individual land titles by the poor. The theory is tested in Cambodia, where the development of the microcredit sector has been facilitated by the extensive use of land titles as collateral.


Promoting Sustainable and Responsible Finance in Cambodia Through the Cambodian Microfinance Association

This document provides a comprehensive overview of ADA’s support for the development of the Cambodian microfinance sector from 2008 to 2022, including key results, lessons learnt and impact.


Finance for All: A Practical Guide to Disability Inclusion for Financial Services Providers in Cambodia

This manual provides guidance for financial services providers to make their products and services accessible for all clients, including those with disabilities.


Trapped in the Service of Debt: How the Burdens of Repayment Are Fueling the Health Poverty Trap in Rural Cambodia

This Cambodia-focused report evidences how household debt is manifesting as a public health crisis that is fueling the health poverty trap in rural Cambodia.


Measuring Progress 2021: Financial Inclusion in Selected ASEAN Countries

This report seeks to embed the critical supporting role of financial inclusion in achieving the vision of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint 2025 within the context of inclusive growth.

Case Study

What it Takes: Insights From Women Leaders in Financial Inclusion

This case study research shares the insights of past program participants in order to motivate other aspiring women leaders, provoke conversation, and inspire new career pathways.


Catalyzing Innovation for Women Entrepreneurs

This research, focusing on 328 women entrepreneurs in Samoa, Cambodia and Fiji, explores the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in accessing and using financing at different stages of their enterprise journey.