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Scaling Responsible Digital Payments in the Indonesian Cocoa Sector

For digital payments to be meaningful for farmers, the study finds that digitization needs to be strongly linked to access to a broader suite of financial services, to unlock farm investments and smooth day-to-day consumption. 


Digital Payments Roadmap: Towards Inclusive, Accessible, Effective And Sustainable Digital Payments In South Africa

The purpose of this Roadmap is to identify obstacles, barriers and challenges to the adoption of an increased and effective usage of digital payments, and to develop a multi-disciplinary and stakeholder action plan to unlock the inclusivity, effectiveness and sustainability of digital payments in South Africa.


Call to Action: Responsible Digital Payments to Accelerate Climate Action

This publication calls for urgent measures to address climate vulnerability by expanding digital payments and digital public infrastructure and putting women, youth, indigenous peoples, and communities in fragile and climate-vulnerable areas at the center of adaptation planning.


Digital Payments and the COVID-19 Shock: The Role of Preexisting Conditions in Banking, Infrastructure, Human Capabilities, and Digital Regulation

This paper investigates how the use of digital payments and financial services expanded during and after COVID-19 and looks into the driving factors for that expansion.


Shaping the Future of Cross-Border Fast Payment Systems: Revolutionizing Transactions in South-East Asia

This paper examines the rise of fast payment systems in South-East Asia and the momentum towards expanded cross-border connectivity.


Open Banking and Inclusive Finance in the European Union: Perspectives From the Dutch Stakeholder Ecosystem

This working paper examines the impact of the revised Payment Services Directive and open banking platforms on inclusive finance in the EU, with a focus on the Netherlands' fintech ecosystem.


Building an Ecosystem of Collections Through BBPS

This new white paper traces Bharat Bill Payment System's journey and examines its potential in the next decade.


Conversational Payments on UPI: Unlocking New Frontiers for Next-Generation Payments

This white paper, highlights a solution to improve inclusivity for underserved users who lack smartphone access and become a game changer in the payments space.


Digital Wages for Decent Work in Kenya

This research brief analyzes the potential for responsible digital wage payments in Kenya.

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Engaging Financial Services Providers in the Context of G2P Choice

This deck aims to help implementers of G2P choice programs in better reaching recipients and achieving program objectives.