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Integrated Digital Financial Service Models for Financial and Healthcare Access

This report studies the application of digital financial services to mutually support financial inclusion and improve healthcare access and resilience.


Financial Inclusion: Connecting People to Finance, Health, and Education

This study explores how health, education, digital, and financial inclusion are all intertwined to unlock greater prosperity and wellbeing for communities across Middle East and Africa.


"The First Wealth is Health"

This publication presents lessons and best practices from the European Microfinance Award 2021 on "Inclusive Finance & Health Care".


Effects of a Universal Basic Income During the Pandemic

Can cash transfers mitigate the impact on poor families during the crisis?
Case Study

M-TIBA Digital Health Platform

Read this case brief shares insights about the benefits of mobile technology for healthcare administration, and its links to universal health coverage initiatives.


Developing Next Generation Health Financing Instruments for Households: Drawing on Lessons Learned

Top ten lessons for designing effective health financing products

Mobilising Finance for WASH: Getting the Foundation Right

Will investment in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector yield returns?

WaterCredit: Catalyzing Access to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation in Bangladesh

Recommendations for increasing influence and uptake of water supply and sanitation financing

Breakthroughs for Healthy Birth: What “Health Diaries” Tell Us About Financial and Medical Preparation for Giving Birth Among Women in West Bengal and Jharkhand

How do families in India manage the costs of prenatal care and childbirth?

Breakthroughs in Affordable Health Care: What ‘Health Diaries’ Tell Us About Managing Health Care and Costs Among Women in West Bengal and Jharkhand

Key findings from surveys conducted with 45 women in two Indian states