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Inclusive Green Finance: A Policy and Advocacy Approach

This report examines how access and usage of financial services can help build resilience in the face of climate shocks, while also providing opportunities to participate in green economic sectors, including agriculture, renewable energy, transport, and waste management.


Digitally Enabled Climate Finance

This report provides emerging insights on the role of mobile and digital technology in accessing and delivering climate finance in low- and middle-income countries.

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Women in Rural and Agricultural Livelihoods + Climate - Insights, Opportunities, and Strategy

These documents synthesize research and insights to date regarding women in rural and agricultural livelihoods, financial and non-financial services, and climate change.


Fintech for Climate Resilience: A Compendium of Startup Innovations Building Resilience in Emerging Markets

This report by the CIFAR Alliance Investors Working Group highlights 11 successful ventures that are building solutions to improve the resilience of communities susceptible to climate change, enabled by fintech.


Green Inclusive Finance: A Framework for Understanding How Financial Services Can Help Low-Income and Vulnerable People Respond to Climate Change

This report considers evidence on how inclusive financial services can help vulnerable populations respond to climate change.

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CGAP Strengthening Climate Resilience & Adaptation Through Financial Services

This slide deck presents the findings of desk research on climate-responsive and climate-supportive financial products that currently exist in the global market.


Sustainable Finance in the MENA Region

This study aimed to gauge MFIs' awareness on the topic of sustainable finance, measure their progress towards sustainability at the institutional and client level and determine the support needed to develop and implement environmental strategies.


The New Green Index 3.0: Mainstreaming Green Inclusive Finance

This publication documents the update process and presents the new Green Index 3.0, its standards and indicators as well as its scoring system and potential uses.


What Can Super Typhoon Rai Teach Us About Financial Inclusion?

This podcast episode features a Typhoon Rai survivor and the insurance provider that helped her rebuild her home. It explores the changing role of insurance and other financial services in climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Pacific Insurance and Climate Adaptation Programme: Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Strategy

This report describes PICAP’s approach towards achieving and mainstreaming gender equality and social inclusion to ensure that women and the most vulnerable are fully represented in climate disaster risk financing products (e.g., parametric insurance).