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Case study

Final Evaluation: Chemen Lavi Miyó for Persons with Disabilities (CLMD)

Documenting a collaboration between Fonkoze and a university distance learning program

Guide to the Use of Digital Financial Services in Agriculture

Tool for identifying chronic value chain challenges and corresponding solutions
Case study

Knowledge Matters: Special Issue - Graduation

Highlighting lessons learned from Concern Worldwide’s use of the graduation model

Electronic G2P Payments: Evidences from Four Lower-Income Countries

Providing measures for electronic government-to-person payments in less developed countries

Sustaining Graduation: A Review of The CLM Program in Haiti

Assessing the sustainability of benefits from Chemen Lavi Miyo Program in Haiti
Case study

Evaluation of First-Year Results: Fonkoze's Kore W Natural Catastrophe Insurance for Haitian Microentrepreneurs

Examining the performance of microinsurance in Haiti

Fonkoze 2010 Social Performance Report

Keeping clients on the staircase out of poverty

Graduating Out of Extreme Poverty: Who Succeeds?

Identifying factors that help microfinance clients graduate out of poverty

Fonkoze 2009 Social Performance Report

Helping clients climb out of poverty