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Social Performance Management in Microfinance: Practices, Results and Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa

Revealing a number of challenges the financial inclusion sector should address

Assessment of the Sustainable Performance of SME Finance Service Providers

Applying an SME lens to environmental and social performance standards

The Universal Standards for Social Performance Management – Where Do We Go From Here?

Summary of lessons learned from interviews and surveys on promoting Universal Standards

Microfinance Barometer 2018

Should microfinance be profitable?

Microfinance Barometer 2017

Is microfinance still working?

Client Outcomes Report: 2014-2016

Evaluating the impact of Friendship Bridge's microcredit plus program in Guatemala

Voice of the Client

This report presents the findings of the Voice of the Client pilot project, with the objective to strengthen the application of Client Protection Principles in the microfinance sector and ensure that financial services are tailored to meet client needs.


An Evaluation Study of Social Performance of Microfinance Institutions in Yemen

Can microfinance institutions play a role in enhancing social performance?
Case study

Case Study of KOMIDA: A Journey to Implement the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management

Lessons learned from an Indonesian MFI's experience with social performance management

Guidelines on Outcomes Management for Financial Service Providers

Key Terms and 10 STEPS for Practical, Cost-effective, Outcomes Management