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Case Study

Preserving the Essence, Adapting for Reach: Early Lessons from Large-Scale Implementations of the Graduation Approach

Four case studies and synthesis analysis for scaling up the Graduation Approach

Promoting Gender Equality in Access to Microcredit Through Flexible Lending Approaches of Female Targeting MFIs: Evidence from Duterimbere MFI of Rwanda

How Duterimbere adapted its lending requirements to meet the needs of poor women

Proportionate Regulatory Frameworks in Inclusive Insurance: Lessons from a Decade of Microinsurance Regulation

Learning from global experience in regulation and supervision of inclusive insurance

Remittances at the Post Office in Africa: Serving the Financial Needs of Migrants and Their Families in Rural Areas

Exploring the potential role of postal networks in rural development

Revisiting What Works: Women, Economic Empowerment and Smart Design

What are the most effective interventions to empower women economically?

Small Merchants, Big Opportunity: The Forgotten Path to Financial Inclusion

Realizing the potential of cashless and digital payments for micro and small merchants

Study on the Drivers of Over-Indebtedness of Microfinance Borrowers in India: An In-Depth Investigation of Saturated Areas

What factors lead to over-indebtedness, and how can it be prevented?

The FinTech Index: Assessing Digital and Financial Inclusion in Developing and Emerging Countries

Measuring a country's demand for FinTech, supportive environment, and risks

The Landscape of Microinsurance in Sri Lanka 2016

Analysis of the microinsurance sector with data from 2013 to 2015