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Journal Article

The Role of Awareness in Predicting the Intention of Microfinance Entrepreneurs to Buy Microinsurance Services in Yemen

The study looks into the role of microinsurance awareness in predicting microfinance entrepreneurs' intentions to purchase microinsurance in Yemen.


Central Bank Digital Currencies: A New Tool in the Financial Inclusion Toolkit?

This paper draws on interviews conducted with nine central banks that are currently exploring retail central bank digital currencies. It shares concrete examples from their work and discusses challenges, risks and regulatory and legal implications.


Platforms, Livelihoods, and Inclusive Finance

This publication provides an overview of the increasing interconnectedness of platforms and financial service offerings and how platforms can push the frontiers of inclusive finance.


Bangladesh Digital Payments Country Diagnostic (2022 Edition)

This country analysis estimates that digital payments can boost Bangladesh’s annual GDP, and responsible payments digitization in certain sectors will help accelerate progress towards the SDGs by 2030.


Bangladesh’s National Digital Payments Roadmap 2022-2025

This study is designed to accelerate collaboration between the public and private stakeholders, presenting a framework for using new approaches and technologies to transform the payment ecosystem.

Case study

Making Climate Risk Microinsurance Work

This case study captures a Guatemalan insurance company's journey of offering climate risk microinsurance, including details on the delivery model employed, financial performance, and key learnings.


Merchant Expansion through Digital Acceptance and Liquidity (MEDAL) Facility Report

This report discusses the future direction of digital payments in Jordan to increase their acceptance both on the merchant and user sides.


Outcomes Management for Financial Service Providers: A Proposed Standard Framework Aligned With the Sustainable Development Goals

This report aims to contribute to building a framework of actionable indicators based on the SDG targets that can answer the need for a simple, credible methodology to monitor outcomes.


Responsible Social Protection: Lessons From COVID-19 Digital Cash Transfers

This publication uncovers consumer risks arising from the rapidly digitizing G2P programs aimed at the most vulnerable in society, most of whom have no prior experience with digital technology or the formal financial system.


The Value of Pay-As-You-Go Solar for Mobile Operators: Insights From Customer Journeys in Benin and Côte d’Ivoire

This report presents ten key reasons why mobile operator customers change their behavior, and explores the questions of how, when, and for whom behavior changes.