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Crisis Roadmap for Microfinance Institutions: COVID-19 and Beyond

Steps microfinance institutions can take to navigate the pandemic and prepare for future crises


Helping Low- and Moderate-Income Malaysians Save

Insights from UNCDF's work with GoGet and Pod


Impact of COVID-19 on the Yemeni Economy

How the drop in remittances affected economic sectors, food systems, and households


On the Economic Frontlines of COVID-19: Early Insights From MSMEs Grappling With the Crisis

Findings based on a longitudinal survey in Colombia, India, Indonesia, and Nigeria


Social Protection During the Pandemic: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico

How have policy responses mitigated the impact of the pandemic on poverty in the region?



Cash in the City: Emerging Lessons From Implementing Cash Transfers in Urban Africa

Informing strategic directions for urban social protection


COVID-19 and Cyber Risk in the Financial Sector

Insights and recommendations for policy makers and businesses to mitigate cyber risks


COVID-19, Government Transfer Payments, and Investment Decisions in Farming Business: Evidence from Northern India

Assessing the impact of public transfer programs on farmers dealing with the COVID shock


Digital Finance and Inclusion in the Time of COVID-19

A look at opportunities and risks associated with the surge in uptake and use of digital financial services

Case study

Her Resilience in the Face of COVID-19

A data deep dive into the customer base of two financial service providers engaging with low-income women