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A Rapid Analysis of the Gender Intentionality of Africa’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

This paper investigates gender intentionality using several dimensions including gender-responsive budgeting in African NDCs, and explores whether countries are mobilizing and allocating climate finance with a gender lens.


Bolstering Women’s Climate Resilience and Adaptation Through Financial Services

This working paper illustrates how women are differently impacted by climate change and how financial services can play a better role in strengthening their autonomous adaptive capacities to climate change.

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Examining PAYGo Solar Through a Gender Lens: An Exploratory Study

This research explores the PAYGo solar model's potential to serve as a pathway to women's energy access and financial inclusion, examining gender differences in access to PAYGo and impacts from use of off-grid solar devices.


Building Resilience in Burkina Faso: Longitudinal Assessment Results

Did a three-year initiative with women's savings groups achieve its aim of increasing resilience?

Investing in Women along Agribusiness Value Chains

Calling the private sector to invest in closing the gender gap in agribusiness

A Mantra for a Green Earth: Preliminary TBL Forecast Impact

Understanding the benefits of combining financial and energy aid in Sierra Leone

Gender in Agriculture: Sourcebook

Addressing gender disparities for sustained socio-economic development