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Sustainable Finance in the MENA Region

This study aimed to gauge MFIs' awareness on the topic of sustainable finance, measure their progress towards sustainability at the institutional and client level and determine the support needed to develop and implement environmental strategies.


The New Green Index 3.0: Mainstreaming Green Inclusive Finance

This publication documents the update process and presents the new Green Index 3.0, its standards and indicators as well as its scoring system and potential uses.


What Can Super Typhoon Rai Teach Us About Financial Inclusion?

This podcast episode features a Typhoon Rai survivor and the insurance provider that helped her rebuild her home. It explores the changing role of insurance and other financial services in climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Barriers to Agricultural Finance in Ethiopia

The purpose of this study is to foster a conversation between stakeholders of agri SME-finance for affirming proven approaches and identifying new ones to overcome agri finance barriers.


Digital Wages for Decent Work in Peru- A Rapid Assessment

This rapid assessment, analyzing the potential for responsible digital wages, focuses on two key sectors and geographical areas in Peru. 

Guide / Toolkit

Gender Norms in Financial Inclusion: Diagnostic Guidance

The Diagnostic Guidance is intended for funders and facilitators who support women’s financial inclusion efforts and who want to gain behavioral insights into the uptake and usage of financial services among women.


Lending to Cash-in Cash-out (Cico) Agents

This report focuses on the agent lending landscape in nine low- and middle-income countries that represent mature and evolving markets to provide insights into the larger global opportunity.


Next Generation G2P Payments: Building Blocks of a Modern G2P Architecture

This report provides a framework for a modern G2P payments architecture which can support long-term development outcomes through the digitalization of G2P payments laying out a path to a better, recipient-centered G2P system.


Remote Coaching to Prevent Dormancy Among Low-Income Savers

Research findings from Uganda sharing results from qualitative interviews with women who report greater sense of trust and relationship with the bank and improved saving behavior as a result of coaching.


Responsible Finance in the Cocoa Supply Chain in Côte d’Ivoire: The Leverage Role of the Financial Sector in Eliminating Child Labour

This brief assesses the responsibility of financial sector actors in eliminating child labor in the cocoa supply chain in Côte d’Ivoire.