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The Effects of Income Changes on Child Labour

A review of evidence from smallholder agriculture

COVID-19, Cash, and the Future of Payments

Taking measures to bolster trust in cash

SME Finance Responses to COVID-19 in AFI Member Countries

What measures are governments taking to mitigate and recover from the pandemic?

The Role of DFS Agents During the COVID-19 Crisis

Research findings using near-live data from the Caribou Data platform and MSC’s contacts within agent networks

Preparing Stress-Testing and Scenarios With Microvision

Quick and practical responses to the COVID-19 crisis

Supervisory Responses to the Impact of COVID-19 on Credit Quality

Options for banking supervisors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Financial Inclusion in the Technology-Led Globalization Age

Cross-border retail payments and prospects for the Arab region

COVID-19 Crisis Through a Migration Lens

This brief provides a prognosis of how the pandemic might affect global trends in international economic migration and remittances in 2020 and 2021.


Lessons from Farming Households: Agricultural Decision Making and Shifting Social Norms for Women’s Economic Empowerment

What are the operational implications for encouraging greater engagement of women in agriculture and finance?

Making Digital Finance Work for Women in the MENA Region

Eight lessons from the field