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Impact Finance Barometer 2022: How Resilient is Impact Finance to Exogenous Shocks?

This year's Impact Finance Barometer examines the resilience of the impact finance sector to exogenous shocks.


Kenya: A Financial Consumer Protection & Debt Policy Review

This publication looks at the consumer landing landscape for the poor and makes financial inclusion, financial consumer protection, and financial literacy-related suggestions to the Kenyan Government.


Preparing MSMEs for Future Crises: Lessons From COVID-19

This publication provides insights into how MSMEs have navigated challenges presented by the pandemic and what support they had available along with lessons learned to help prepare for future crises.

Case Study

Al-Amal Microfinance Bank's Role in Women's Financial Inclusion and Economic Empowerment

In this case study, Al-Amal Microfinance Bank (AMB) presents their work in promoting women's empowerment and financial inclusion. 

Slide Deck

Banking-as-a-Service: How it Can Catalyze Financial Inclusion

This reading deck provides an analysis of the Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) model, a new business model that enables non-banks to offer banking services under their own brand and seamlessly embedded into their digital offering with four case studies of BaaS providers from Europe, US and Mexico.


Consumer Advisory Panels

This paper synthesizes desk research and in-depth discussions with consumer advisory panel representatives around the world.


Developing Rural Agent Networks to Advance Digital Financial Inclusion

This Technical Note is targeted at development funders (donors and DFIs) and provides high level guidance based on CGAP’s prior research on Cash-in / Cash-out (CICO) agent networks.


Inclusive Instant Payment Systems: An Evidence Based Approach From Design to Impact

This white paper summarizes how interoperable payment systems work and discusses the status of interoperability in emerging markets.

Case Study

Informed Design: A Case Study Series (Tyme Group)

This is one of several case studies looking at the role of design in digital financial services (DFS) for women focusing on examples where research findings have translated into design that has eased and encouraged women’s use of DFS.


The Impact of Digital Technology and Business Regulations on Financial Inclusion and Socio-Economic Development in Low-Income Countries

This study casts a new angle of linking digital technology and business regulations as drivers of financial inclusion and socioeconomic development.