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Gender-Intentional Credit Scoring

This guide introduces a gender-lens analytical framework for lenders to determine whether lending decisions and outcomes in their portfolios differ by gender and, if so, how.

Guide / Toolkit

Green Essential Practices Report - Highlights of Good Green Practices

This report features a selection of exemplary green inclusive finance practices, and offers insights into the successes, the challenges faced by financial service providers and the solutions they found to design and implement their green strategy.


Her Fintech Edge: Market Insights for Inclusive Growth

The study explores the representation of women within fintech portfolios and the factors influencing it. It investigates whether fintech firms actively target women customers and the strategies they employ.


Leveraging Transactional Data for Micro and Small Enterprise Lending

This case study examines the data and experience of two fintechs in India that use different sets of transactional data for credit scoring.


State of the Ugandan Refugee Finance Sector Report 2024

This report provides a detailed overview of the evolution and current state of the refugee finance sector in Uganda, key drivers, and levers as well as demand and supply-side constraints.


The Building Blocks Supporting Open Finance

This working paper introduces the concept of an inclusive data ecosystem as one where low-income people’s data trails are used to improve their financial inclusion.


The State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money 2024

This report describes the state of the mobile money industry worldwide at the end of 2023, covering important developments and trends in the sector, with a focus on financial inclusion and the opportunities created for small enterprises. 


An Introduction to the Small Firm Diaries

The Small Firm Diaries is a global research initiative to better understand small firms in low-income neighborhoods of developing countries, especially the barriers to growth such firms face, through high frequency quantitative and qualitative data collection (“financial diaries”).


Carping Critics and the Microfinance Conundrum

Based on its recent impact assessment study of Cambodian microfinance, M-CRIL has written two advisory notes which examine the validity of some of the sensational international headlines and propose reform measures for the sector.


Positive Friction for Responsible Digital Lending: A Call to Action

This report explores how strategically adding friction to digital financial services can benefit both lenders and borrowers.