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State of the Ugandan Refugee Finance Sector Report 2024

This report provides a detailed overview of the evolution and current state of the refugee finance sector in Uganda, key drivers, and levers as well as demand and supply-side constraints.


An Introduction to the Small Firm Diaries

The Small Firm Diaries is a global research initiative to better understand small firms in low-income neighborhoods of developing countries, especially the barriers to growth such firms face, through high frequency quantitative and qualitative data collection (“financial diaries”).


Women in the Digital Economy: Challenges & Opportunities in the Shea Value Chain in Uganda

This publication highlights the untapped opportunity the shea value chain in Northern Uganda presents, with the potential to transform the livelihood of individuals, families and the entire region if harnessed well.


Assessing the State of Youth Financial Inclusion in Developing Contexts

This guide draws primarily from the lessons learned during the realization of a series of assessments on the state of youth financial inclusion in Uganda, Kenya, and Guatemala in 2019 and 2020.

Slide Deck

The Role of Mobile Money Providers and Their Agents in Protecting Customers’ Data​

This slide deck presents research findings identifying good practices of responsible agents in safeguarding their customers’ data and the role that providers can play in promoting these practices.


Driving Financial Resilience Through Formal Savings Among the Low-Income Population

Based on customer research in Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and Uganda, this paper provides a synthesis of findings that help understand to what extent savings allowed customers to increase their financial resilience.


Promoting Access to Agricultural Finance for Youth in Developing Countries

This publication underlines the trends, core challenges, opportunities, innovative solutions and initiatives associated with agricultural financing for youth.


Remote Coaching to Prevent Dormancy Among Low-Income Savers

Research findings from Uganda sharing results from qualitative interviews with women who report greater sense of trust and relationship with the bank and improved saving behavior as a result of coaching.

Case Study

Application of CGAP Customer Outcomes Framework in Uganda

This case study tests the impact of a new basic savings product positioned in the financial inclusion market using the CGAP customer outcome indicator framework.


What Constitutes a Viable Business Model for Small Scale Savings?

This paper highlights three different business models, including key revenues and costs drivers, to help understand the market potential of various low-income segments.