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FinTech and Digital Financial Services Ecosystem Data for Supervision and Market Intelligence

This report aims to guide regulators and central banks in adopting ecosystem-based data collection approaches, offering practical insights and a standardized taxonomy for enhanced decision-making, supervision, and the pursuit of financial inclusion goals.


Her Fintech Edge: Market Insights for Inclusive Growth

The study explores the representation of women within fintech portfolios and the factors influencing it. It investigates whether fintech firms actively target women customers and the strategies they employ.


Fintech Innovation for Smallholder Agriculture: A Review of Experiences

This publication analyzes and illustrates some of the most interesting business models and innovations brought forward by fintech companies that have sought to address the common financing constraints associated with small-scale agriculture around the world.


Investing in Climate Tech Innovation in Africa

This report includes insights into the sectors, technologies, target users, geographies, founder characteristics, funding trends, and exit paths of climate ventures in Africa.


Fintech for Who? Demand for Digital Financial Services and Fintech in Tanzania

This paper explores the drivers of demand for digital financial services and fintech: perceived cost, perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived risk, and social norms.


Open Banking and Inclusive Finance in the European Union: Perspectives From the Dutch Stakeholder Ecosystem

This working paper examines the impact of the revised Payment Services Directive and open banking platforms on inclusive finance in the EU, with a focus on the Netherlands' fintech ecosystem.


Inclusive Fintech Funding in Times of Uncertainty

This publication shares insights from interviews with past Inclusive Fintech 50  winners and fintech investors to learn how they are adapting to these uncertain times and the impact of the funding challenges on their business models and the low-income customers they serve.

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Low-Income Financial Services Market Sizing and Fintech Assessment: Peru Country Report

This study presents the findings of research to establish the status of access to finance for MSEs and the size of the credit market across four different geographies, including Peru.


Agritech and Fintech Providers in East and Southern Africa

This report examines the universe of agritech and fintech providers that influence access to finance for small-scale farmers and agricultural SMEs in East and Southern Africa.


The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Social Finance

AI has the potential to transform social finance, but it also presents a number of challenges related to data privacy and security, bias and fairness, transparency and explainability, technical complexity and employment.